Money Mistakes: Retirement Accounts

retirement account

Hi All, welcome back to another edition of Money Mistakes. We all make mistakes, even the self proclaimed “experts”. In this series, another finance blogger reveals their money mistake, how they recovered from it and what they learned. Hopefully, by reading someone out there can

Make the Most of Your Weekend with These Frugal Weekend Plans

weekendplans 1

A big part of being frugal is having good money management skills. Still, another significant aspect is having good time management. The saying time is money is around for a reason, right? Making the most of our time is an essential part of all things

Money Mistakes: My Master’s Degree

Money Mistake Masters Degree

Believe it or not, even us self-proclaimed money experts have made mistakes with our money. My goal will be to have a weekly post that highlights one of these mistakes to show that we all in fact do make mistakes, we can recover from them

10 Budgeting Methods to Help You Take Control of Your Money


Despite the recent strength of the economy, the majority of American’s are still struggling financially. Although a number of factors are likely at play, and the financial health of American’s won’t be solved with one thing alone, one financial habit that would significantly help many is

What is a Zero-Based Budget + How I Found $10k

Zero Based Budgeting

Call me “The Penny Hunter.” Well, that’s the name my husband teases and calls me. And, he’s right.  I look for every penny, nickel, or dime when I balance our books. One time, I followed up with a friend to make sure they got my

Super Simple Ways You Can Start to Save Money at Work Every Day


If you’re a money saver like me, you look to save money anytime and anyplace. What better place to start than where you spend forty hours a week? Saving money while you make money doesn’t get any better than that. Whether you’re on a tight

How to Get Out of Debt: 13 Expert-Backed Steps for Success

Get Out Of Debt

Dealing with debt can feel like a hopeless situation. You try your best to make your payments, but interest charges eat up all your progress. The next month, you’re back to square one. Sound familiar? Don’t worry: You don’t have to be stuck with debt