Why It Feels Like Our Gains are Slow and Our Losses are Fast

Easy to Lose Money

How many times have you or another investor said, “It feels like it takes forever to make money and it all gets wiped out in a day” or something along those lines? We’ll watch the market go up for days and weeks at a time

Don’t Be A Monkey With Your Finances

Monkey with Finances

How often do you stop to think about why you do things the way you do? It’s very possible you have a good reason, but do you remember what that is? Sometimes we get so set in our ways; it’s hard to remember why that’s

Am I Ready for a Baby? 15 Things You Should Consider

How do you know if you’re ready to have a baby? Well, I don’t think you ever know for sure. No one is ready to have a baby. It’s a massive change in your life that you only fully understand once you’re in it. We

14 Simple & Easy Curb Appeal Ideas to Seriously Consider

Curb Appeal Ideas

With the surge in home prices and the low supply of homes across the country, it is safe to say that you can ask top dollar for your home if you’re considering a sale. However, just because the demand is high, that doesn’t mean you

Money Mistakes: The Expensive Wedding

Wedding Debt

Feel down about a money mistake? Have no fear, here at HYDMS I know that it happens to everybody, even we self-proclaimed “experts”. The important part is to learn from our own mistakes and from others. Tell us a little about Yourself. Hey there! I’m

Learn How to Make a Keto Meal Plan On A Budget

Keto Meal Plan on a Budget

Interested in going Keto, but don’t want to break the bank? No worries, I’ve got you covered. I’ve being doing Keto for over two years and am super frugal, here’s how I do it.

How to Journal: 6 Proven Methods to Help You Get Started

Start a Journal

Journaling is at the top of many self-care lists, and for good reason. Getting your thoughts out on paper can do wonders for your mental health and help you stay organized. Learning how to journal isn’t always as simple as it seems, though. To get

Why You Shouldn’t Give A #@$! About Your Credit Score

Credit Score Doesn't Matter

When it comes to our financial health, our credit score often tends to take center stage. The problem is, our credit score isn’t a gauge of how well we are doing financially, but many people believe it to be. If you have a poor credit

22 Best Places To Get Cheap Clothes (Online & In-Store Examples)


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