How to Make $100 a Day (NO Online Surveys!)

Make $100 A Day

Hi, my name is Julia & I’m the writer behind Happier Freelancing where you can find all‑in‑one resources and tutorials to start an online business, including freelancing, blogging, eCommerce, and gig work. First, I want to thank Jeff of Have Your Dollars Make Sense for

How to Ask for A Raise and Motivate Your Boss To Help You!

Ask For A Raise

Let’s start by saying that asking for a raise is a perfectly normal part of business life. It’s business 101 for managers. Yet, for employees, the idea of asking and affecting the status quo of your employee/manager relationship fills many people with anxiety-inducing paralysis. Let’s

How Much Do Real Estate Agents Make and How to be Successful At It

realestateagentsmake 1

If you’re considering starting a new career as a real estate agent, you’re probably wondering, “How much do real estate agents make?” However, before you begin ordering business cards, you first need to consider a couple of factors. For instance, being a real estate agent

Not All Side Hustles Are Created Equal


We’d all like to have more money and make some extra cash. A couple of extra bucks to put in our pocket for a rainy day or a little something special for ourselves. Whatever your motivation, it seems that there are endless possibilities. Google “ways