“Buy the Dip”: Awesome Investment Strategy or Sure Loser?

Buy the Dip

Generally speaking, to “buy the dip” is to buy an asset after its price has dropped or is on a downward trend, expecting a reversal of price. This is founded on the belief that the “dip” is temporary and that soon the asset (normally stock prices) will bounce back up to its original price. It’s kind of like a sort of price arbitrage.

In theory, you can “buy the dip” with any asset class including real estate, gold, and commodities. In reality, though, it’s only really executable on one kind of asset: stocks. No other type of asset gives you such accurate real-time data and allows you to make trades fast enough (can you imagine trying to figure out the price of a property every day, waiting for a drop one day, and then executing the buying process that exact day while the price is still low before the market becomes bullish again).

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Easy to Lose Money

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