Money Mistakes – Student Loan Debt

Student Loan Debt

Hey everyone, it’s time for another edition of Money Mistakes! Yes, even us self-proclaimed “money experts” have made a few missteps with our money here and there. This is where we share them to help any readers avoid the same fate as our own. Enjoy!

Money Mistakes: Inheritance Money

Money Mistakes Inheritance

When I was in my late 20s, I had come into quite a lot of money through an inheritance left to me by my late father. While I won’t go into details of the exact sum, let’s just say that it would have set me up for life, had I used it responsibly. Of course, losing a loved one is never an easy thing, but squandering what they spent a lifetime saving for you is like taking a stake to the hear

Money Mistakes: Options Trading

Money Mistakes

My money mistake dates back to when I was just learning how to invest in the stock market. I learned a few things about option trading over the internet and I was intrigued. Buying options, while I was still an armature in the trading world, was one of my biggest money mistakes. I lost thousands of dollars before I realized I was still a rookie investor.

Money Mistakes: Learning the Hard Way

Money Mistakes

My name is Max and I run I have coached over 250 Millennials to help take the stress out of money since 2017. After coaching, my clients live stress-free about money and have a simple plan they can follow to accomplish their goals. When I’m not coaching, you’ll find me reading financial books, indoor cycling or visiting local pawn shops looking for swiss-made watches.

Money Mistakes: Little Mistakes Add Up

Money Mistakes

My passion for investing and personal finance started a few years after completing college and entering the corporate workforce. I realized that working a typical 9-to-5 job wasn’t what I wanted in life and I needed to shift my focus. I started Don’t Work Another Day with the goal of quitting my corporate job and living life on my own terms. I have made plenty of financial mistakes in my lifetime and have learned something from everyone.

Money Mistakes: Facebook Ads Course

Welcome back for another installment of “Money Mistakes”. Everyone makes money mistakes, even us financial gurus. The important part is to learn from mistakes made by yourself or others, no matter how big or small. Tell us a little about yourself I am Cindy, the

Money Mistake Interview: Credit Card Spending

Credit Card Debt

When I was in college, I let my credit card spending get away from me. With my car loan, car insurance, and credit card spending, I quickly found myself in 13k debt. I was 18 years old when I took on the car loan and two years later I managed to rack up 5k in credit card spending.

Money Mistakes: Bad Real Estate Deal

Money Mistake Bad Real Estate Deal

We all make money mistakes, even us “pros”. The important part is to learn from our own mistakes and those of others. Read on to learn about the latest blogger to reveal their mistake.

Money Mistakes: Gambling

Gambling Mistake

Get ready for another installment of Money Mistakes. Everyone makes mistakes, and financial bloggers are no different. This week we’ll find out about the dangers of gambling and how it can quickly get out of control. Tell us a little about yourself. I’m a 26-year-old

Money Mistake Interview – Debt Regret


Tell us a little about yourself My name is Tyler, but you can call me FLA as I run the Fresh Life Advice website. I’m currently 27 years old and a single man with no kids. I was born and raised in NJ. I graduated